November 24, 2020

Braa Benk to sue Kejetia’s Lawyer Ntimnation

Rapper Braa Benk (Benk Moni) has threatened to sue Kejetia’s Lawyer Asomnigon for unlawfully crediting his song to a fellow rapper.

Richmond Xavier Amoakoh popularly known as Lawyer Asomnigon (Ntimnation) in the trendy #KejetiaVsMakola series is heard in one episode alluding to Cabum as the owner of the street single “Mmaa Wɔ Adum” instead of the rightfully owner Braa Benk.

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The “Anomaa” hitmaker having watched the episode and uncovered this error took to his Facebook account to demand the number of Makola’s lawyer for a suit against Kejetia’s lawyer.

“Please someone get me the number of the other lawyer from Makola I want to sue the Kejetia lawyer 😂😂😂”

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