April 16, 2021

Rapper Phrimpong criticizes Ghana Music Industry in “P.O.R.N”

Phrimpong – PORN

After appreciating fans for the audience throughout his music journey, rapper Phrimpong gets the game shaky with “PORN”- Pissed Off Right Now.
“Pissed Off Right Now” is an unreserved statement in the quest to address some pertinent issues and short falls in the Ghanaian music industry and governance as a whole. Phrimpong has risen the bar once again with heavy laid interwoven punches to bring calm to the storm.

He touches among others the fake lifestyle, cheating and politics at the helm of affairs creating unconducive atmosphere to retard content and genuine talents by “who knows you” favoritism syndrome, and given audience to sexual appeals.

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Bars offloaded, shots fired and statement of purpose made, watch video and listen closely to uncover more.

Download: P.O.R.N (Raw)

Download: P.O.R.N (Radio Edit)

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