April 16, 2021

Journalists urged to develop the country with their reportage -Minister for Roads and HighwaysKwesi Amoako Atta

The Minister for Roads and Highways, Kwesi Amoako Atta has urged journalists to help develop the country with their reportage.

This follows a reportage by the media on bad roads leading to the corridors of the Lekman hospital.

Over the past weeks, concerns about the bad roads leading to the hospital and the effects of the dusts on the hospital machines raised an alarm for a quick construction of the group.

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Speaking on Accra base radio Joy Fm, the Minister Mr Kwesi Amoako assured residents that the construction will be completed within six m0onths.

He also said he has given contractors 6 months to fix the deplorable roads.

“I’m giving them six months, by six months’ time I will come here with you. Put pressure on me and I’m telling you the people of Jekuku that is not only this road but working on others too,” he said.

The Minister added that the ministry is putting in efforts to fix all deplored roads before 2020.

Mr Amoaku further called on Ghanaians to be calm and note that all roads cannot be fixed in one day across the country simultaneously and therefore must be patient with the ministry of roads and construction.

He pleaded with citizens to avoid demonstrations in the country because such acts will not help in getting things done as soon as possible especially in fixing roads that cannot be completed in a day.

He also asked journalists to stop bringing cameras to the site “please don’t take camera and come and stand here, those who want to embark on that route should come to the ministry and ill give them all the bad roads that we  are working on in the country,” he said.

Mr Amoaku called on media houses that wants to broadcast issues on deplorable roads to close their office and visit the regions to see the improvements in those areas.

“We have people in those areas that broadcast. They call us and we are working with them. Journalists! you should help us to develop our nation,” he said.  

Source: General News

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