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Welcome to Lake Bosomtwe


Residents of the Ashanti Region may not have the benefits of those along the seashore to enjoy the breeze emanating from it.

One thing they have, which is the envy of many, is Lake Bosomtwe located at Abono in the Bosomtwe District of the region.

It serves as the main tourist attraction in the region and also hosts lots of entertainment programmes, particularly during the Easter and Christmas festivities.

Lake Bosomtwe is an inland lake located about 32 km south of Kumasi and lies in a deep circular crater surrounded by very steep hills that rise to a height of over 366 m below sea level.

The floor of the crater is over 152 m below the level of the surrounding streams that discharge into it. The crater is about 19 km in diameter and it is about 91 metres deep at the centre.

Natural lake

Lake Bosomtwe is the only natural lake in the country and its main source is rainwater flowing inwards from the crater rim.

It is an endothecia lake. An endorheic lake is a closed drainage lake that retains water and allows no outflow to other external bodies of water.

The lake is also rich in marine life and has as many as 11 known species of fish including one endemic cichlid – tilapia.

Lake Bosomtwe abounds in tourism resources such as natural environmental heritage, historical heritage and cultural heritage.

The lake itself can be used for
swimming, cruising, racing and other water sports.

The area also has a number of resorts offering variety of packages to their clientele.

During the festive occasionssuch as Easter, the lake records a huge number of revellers who throng the place to have fun and serves as one of the main sources of internally generated funds for the assembly.

The inhabitants also depend onthe lake for their livelihoods.

Fishing and farming are the twomain preoccupations of residents.

Source: Ghana News

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