Where are the powerful men and women of God who use to perform miracles?

Where are the powerful men and women of God who use to perform miracles?


The tragic irony we are experiencing right now is that, coronavirus has made the entire world know the rightful place for our hitherto powerful “men and women of God” who parade themselves in religious cassocks, baring the name of the Abrahamic God pretending to be healing the sick and raising the poor.

To worsen everything, they have turned the church premises, which is supposed to be the dueling place of a sacred God into a business Center where they sell anointed everything, ranging from salt, handkerchief, water, oil, stickers etc. Which they have successfully indoctrinated their unsuspecting congregants to believe have some spiritual wand to redeem them from their plights or protect them from evil.

Ignorantly, many purchase and paste these stickers on their cars and on their gates, sleep without security and get killed believing in a utopian sky daddy whilst the pastors and their families hire fully armed security guards to protect their homes whilst they sleep. Funny enough, common hand sanitizer has become more powerful than the anointed oils we use to buy with unreasonable amounts of money.

What has been of concern to the many out there prior to this outbreak is the fact that, these supposed Men and women of God deliberately drive pass the numerous hospitals where real sick people reside and the mortuary where dead people are and go to their churches to display their religious grandstandings to woo the the religious zealots and the confused populace.

Today, a need has arised for the so called men and women of God to move forward and give substance to the impression they have created over the years. Pray the virus out of Africa to save the people like they claim to have been doing but they are no where to be found.

The big question is: where are they right now? Are they waiting for Coronavirus to disappear so they can continue the usual business of healing the “sick” and raising the “dead”?

They have failed woefully on this simple task and it’s not of any surprise to the few who know the real intent behind what they do. Church is the new industry in Africa and those who are wise enough are taking advantage of the deluded masses.

Today, we are all waiting on the scientist, most of whom do not believe in the existence or power of God to discover a vaccine so we can buy and survive. The earlier we wake up from the religious slumber, the better. What will you do after the outbreak? Visit the same pastor who went into hiding with you when you needed him/her most? Be wise! Do not let anyone exploit you to amass wealth whilst you live in poverty.

Where are the powerful men and women of God who use to perform miracles?
Richard Kwame Krah

Source: Entertainment

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