February 25, 2021

“Prosperity is the outcome of work and not religion. Many rich people do not believe in God but they are doing well because they believe in work” – Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri has not stopped challenging his audience with thought-provoking ideas and mind-blowing revelations about the truth of life and the essence of living.

In his recent tweet, Reno spoke about religion and work and juxtaposed it with how prosperity is attained.

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According to him, religion does not have a bearing on the prosperity of any man who has decided to fold his or her arms and watch unconcerned.

He stressed that believing in God and doing what he has commanded you does not guarantee that prosperity is assured when the individual is not hardworking.

Reno Omokri made the example of the many rich folks across the globe who do not profess their faith in anything or whatsoever but are making it big time.

The lesson is put across is that people must shift from the idea that religion brings prosperity and start to embrace the habit of diligence, hard work and hard work.

Many of the world’s richest people don’t believe in God. They believe in work. And they are rich. No matter how rich they are, they are still fools for not believing in God. But they teach us that prosperity is an outcome of work, not of religion!


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