September 24, 2020

Showboy reveals Criss Waddle’s true number of children & it’s not one

To all Ghanaians and Arab Money Gang (AMG) Business fans, Criss Waddle has got only one son known as Trey Waddle. Showboy has dropped an exclusive about the other children of Waddle.

Yesterday, Showboy gathered the courage to reveal to all that, his brother and co-founder of the AMG Business brand – Criss Waddle has got more than one child.

He disclosed in a post via his Snapchat handle that the Arab Money Gang boss has 3 children and that he will no longer keep that a secret.

He wrote:

“Happy father day to my bro Criss Waddle….Kweku is a father of 3 and I will not keep it as a secret …Am proud of my God daughter n sons!!!

Happy father’s day to all the AMG Board Chairmen !!! We appreciate all a lot…. Especially Ma gee Captain Alien … Happy G Day blood ..Love you..”

We are working on getting some exclusive photos of them..

See The Screenshot Below:Showboy reveals Criss Waddle's true number of children & its not one


Source: Entertainment

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