September 20, 2020

Earth tremor measuring Magnitude 4.0 hits Accra and environs

Parts of Accra were shaken by a fleeting earth tremor Wednesday night which threw residents into fear and panic. 

According to the USGS (United States Geological Survey), it recorded a magnitude of 4.0 at 10: 53 pm at Gbawe in Accra.

It took place at about 10:50 pm and was felt three times in the space of 10 minutes.

Many residents in Greater Accra, Central and Eastern regions in Ghana reported on social media that they felt the earth shaking on Wednesday night, June 24, 2020.

Some of the areas the tremor was felt in Ghana as monitored by Graphic Online on social media included Gbawe, McCarthy Hill, Kaneshie, Tesano, Dansoman, Lapaz, Achimota, Santa Maria, Adenta, Weija, Madina, Kwabenya, East Legon, Nsawam, Koforidua, Swedru, Dodowa, Tema among others.

Already, the Ghana Geological Survey Authority (GSA) has warned that the series of tremor occurrences in parts of the Greater Accra Region over the years is signal of a looming earthquake of greater magnitude in the future.

On March 24, 2018, a similar earth tremor that measuring 4.0 on the Richter scale was recorded in Accra.

The Richter scale is a scale of numbers used to tell the size of earthquakes. Charles Richter developed the Richter Scale in 1935.

If the scale is less than 2.0, it means that the earthquakes are very small and are unlikely to be felt by people.

Between 2.0 and 2.9 on the scale, people do not feel the earthquakes, seismographs are able to detect them.

Beyond 5.9  on the scale, earthquakes can cause serious damage to lives and property over large areas.

What a CCTV in someone’s house captured.

ABOVE – World map showing earthquakes above magnitude 3 in the past 24 hours.

The Earthquake report worldwide on Wednesday, June 24 showed incidents in various parts of the world.

Summary: 289 quakes Magnitude 2+, 98 quakes Magnitude 3+, 54 quakes Magnitude 4+, 7 quakes Magnitude 5+.

The total was 448 quakes.

There were no quakes measuring Magnitude 6+ to Magnitude 9+ within the period.

The 10 largest earthquakes in the world were recorded in the period were:

  • #1: M 5.9 quake: Near East Coast of Honshu, Japan on Wed, 24 Jun 19h47

  • #2: M 5.9 quake: New Zealand on Wed, 24 Jun 22h20 

  • #3: M 5.8 quake: 18km SSE of Lone Pine, CA (USA) on Wed, 24 Jun 17h40

  • #4: M 5.4 quake: Near Coast of Oaxaca, Mexico on Wed, 24 Jun 02h33

  • #5: M 5.3 quake: New Zealand on Wed, 24 Jun 02h02

  • #6: M 5.1 quake: New Zealand on Wed, 24 Jun 06h41

  • #7: M 5.1 quake: Ecuador on Wed, 24 Jun 15h38

  • #8: M 4.9 quake: Myanmar-India Border Region on Wed, 24 Jun 19h44 

  • #9: M 4.9 quake: South Sandwich Islands region on Wed, 24 Jun 23h12

  • #10: M 4.8 quake: 36 km al SUROESTE de S PEDRO POCHUTLA, OAX (Mexico) on Wed, 24 Jun 20h06

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