September 26, 2020

Miraculous: Brakeless bus opts for pedestrian walkway to avoid bloodshed [PHOTOS]

A quick-thinking on the part of a bus driver in Kumasi on Thursday morning averted what could have been a fatal accident.

The driver of the minibus [trotro] was descending a hill when the brakes reportedly failed.

He was on the Tech highway in Kumasi, moving from the Top High area towards the KNUST Junction (Tech junction).

A few metres before he went under the pedestrian overhead bridge at the KNUST junction, the brakes of the vehicle reportedly failed.

In his attempt to avoid running into the traders and food vendors who ply their trade below the bridge, and pedestrians on the side of the road, the driver opted to enter pedestrian walkway meant for Persons With Disability (PWDs) to access the overhead bridge.

Fortunately, the walkway was empty at the time except for a roadside preacher who had mounted his speakers and was sharing the word of God.

After climbing the walkway, the bus suddenly came to a stop and other drivers around the scene hurriedly rushed with cement blocks to restrain [chock] the vehicle from reversing.

Source: General News

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