September 26, 2020

Fatherhood is not just about having children – Alhassan Andani

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Stanbic Bank Ghana, Mr Alhassan Andani, has advised fathers to separate having children from the calling of fatherhood.

According to him, fatherhood goes beyond providing for the needs of the child and paying school fees, but living a life worth emulating by the children.

“The father carries the legacy and reputation of the family and as a result, he is expected to conduct himself in a manner that his wife and children would be proud to carry his name.

“Fathers are the reflections of their families and must, therefore, conduct themselves responsibly”, he said.

Mr Andani, who is also the Chief of Pishigu in the Karaga District in the Northern Region, was speaking in a Facebook Live conversation as part of this year’s Fathers Day celebration.

The topic was being a father in a fast-changing world.

Responsible personality

Mr Andani is regarded as one of Ghana’s most endearing business leaders with a refreshing personality that is reflected in his work and relationship with all people.

When asked what had made him a people’s person, he said he had learnt lessons from his father, and his belief that “all human beings have a purpose and there is a reason why God brings them your way.”

Those, he said, had guided his relationship with people from all walks of life.
“My father had a passion to be a father for all and this taught me selflessness. Also, God in his infinite wisdom created every human being with unique qualities.

“I believe each and every one of us has a special purpose and a reason why God brings them our way.

“I, therefore, make a conscious effort to make everyone around me feel special.

“I also believe that God created me distinct with certain unique qualities and that if l am not around people will feel my absence, I guard that jealously. I believe in myself that I can make a difference,” he emphasised.

Source: General News

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