September 30, 2020

Efia Odo shares photo of her father for the first time

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Efia Odo shares photo of her father for the first time

Media personality, Efia Odo for the very first time has shared a photo of her father.

Sharing the photo on Instagram, she wrote:

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“Dad 🥰 It’s never too late to mend broken pieces”

efia odo

Efia Odo has said in time past that she has lived all her life without a father-figure. Speaking on her experience previously during an interview, she said:

“Erm my father, he’s an amazing guy. Although i don’t know much about him. I didn’t have a father in my life. I had my mother who was my father, she was my everything. It is not my father’s fault that he wasn’t in my life. She moved to America, he was here in Ghana, so it hit me when you asked. I always talk about my mum and I feel bad that I don’t talk about my dad”.

The actress was however quick to state that her father, even though was not physically present while she was growing up, is not to be blamed.

“And it’s not my fault or his fault that I don’t talk about him. He wasn’t there and it’s not his fault that he wasn’t there. Since I’ve been in Ghana we keep in communication like I try to make sure he’s good but it’s hard for me to really open up to him because he’s like a stranger. I don’t know him but then there’s something in me like I don’t even care. And so it’s like a battle, it’s like a fight, it’s one of my demons that I’m actually trying to fix. It’s hard to fix your demons cause they can kill you. So I’m spiritually trying to gather the strength and mentally trying to gather the strength to face, have a conversation and open up to my father.”

It was an emotional moment for her that she shed tears during the interview:

Efia Odo shares photo of her father for the first time
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