September 28, 2020

Video of Usain Bolt’s first professional career race

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Video of Usain Bolt’s first professional career race

Celebrities Buzz has chanced on Usain Bolt’s first professional career race.

Usain Bolt is by far the most decorated sprinter of all times. However, his first professional career race was not something golden.

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Usain Bolt’s first Olympic debut was in 2004 at Athens.

The video which was uploaded on YouTube over 15 years ago received a lot of comments on it.

Read a few comments on it below:

“He was one of the most tested athletes while ran. They wanted to make sure he was clean he tested so often he was afraid to take pain medication…so come with proof when you talking about doping!!! Let the man be..he is the greatest..ans left his mark..i hope someone else comes with that zeal and determination he has no matter what country they are from. Im watching the DOHA world champs now and its just not he same.”

“Yohan Blake got crazy speed too man, if only Yohan was in another generation, he would of been in the spot light like Usain Bolt”

“Usain Bolt accidentally lapped his own relay partners once around the entire track and was still able to come come out just in front where he needed to be for the pass”

“His WR timing may be broken one day, but i’m pretty sure nobody will be able to achieve a similar dominance over a span of 3 consecutive olympics. When you see bolt lineup at the starting line, you already know he is going to win. You will never get that assurance from any other athlete.”

Usain Bolt is the world’s most successful athlete.

Watch The Video Below:


Video of Usain Bolt’s first professional career race
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