September 20, 2020

Ing. Simon Allotey to retire from GCAA end of July

The Director General of the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority, Ing. Simon Allotey, will be retiring from his post on July 31, 2020.

His retirement brings to an end a successful career in the Aviation industry spanning over 24 years.

He will be replaced by Ing. Charles Kraikue, who has been appointed by President Akufo Addo as the Acting Director General of the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority, GCAA.

The outgoing GCAA head, Mr. Simon Allotey, assumed the role of Director General of the GCAA in 2015.

Prior to his appointment as Director-General of GCAA in 2015, Mr. Allotey, was Ghana’s Representative on the ICAO Council from 2009 to 2010 and served as a member on ICAO’s Air Navigation Commission (ANC), from 2011 to 2015.

Ing. Allotey, who is a long-standing fellow of the Ghana Institute of Engineers (GhIE), also served variously as Deputy Director of Engineering, Director of Engineering, Deputy Director-General (Technical).

He was also Director- General of GCAA from1996 to 2007. Following the decoupling of airport operations from aviation regulation and air navigation services provision, Mr. Allotey maintained concurrent oversight of the newly created Ghana Airports Company Limited (GACL) from January to September 2007, until a substantive managing director was appointed for GACL.

Under his leadership, Ghana’s aviation industry in Ghana has recorded phenomenal growth, with a thriving domestic sector and over 35 international airlines serving Ghana.

The country also attained an Effective Implementation (EI) score of 89.89%, the highest by an African country at the time, after ICAO concluded its safety audit in April 2019.

In recognition of Ghana’s progress in resolving aviation security and safety oversight deficiencies, and the country’s commitment to the Effective Implementation (EI) of its Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPS), ICAO conferred its prestigious Council President Certificates in Aviation Safety and Security on Ghana at its 40th Triennial Assembly in Montreal, Canada.

Owing to his in-depth knowledge and experience in the aviation industry, he was nominated to chair several international high profile meetings including the Technical Commission, ICAO 40th Triennial Assembly in Montreal, Canada, 2019; the Safety Committee at the 13th ICAO Air Navigation Conference, Montreal Canada, 2018; ICAO’s Regional Aviation Safety Group for Africa(RASG-AFI), December 2015 -2018 etc.

Source: Business