September 22, 2020

Finance Ministry staff asked to work from home over COVID-19 fears

Workers of the Ministry of Finance have been asked to work from home temporarily. This follows an ongoing COVID-19 testing exercise for all staff of the Ministry.

An internal memo to staff, signed by the Chief Director of the Ministry, Patrick Numo, stated that the test results will be made available to all staff once the testing team has compiled the comprehensive results.

It added that, staff who test positive for the virus will be informed “and will receive the necessary care from appropriate health authorities designated by the Minister of Health.”

The memo further indicated that, “In view of the preparations towards the mid-year review of the budget, a core team of staff will work from approved location to complete the Mid-Year Review.”

Click here for the full memo:

Infections in institutional establishments

In the past few weeks, the number of COVID-19 infections in institutional establishments have gone up.

This compelled the Trade and Industry Ministry to announce new guidelines for institutions in curtailing the spread of the virus.

Earlier this week, the Bulk Oil Storage Transportation Company BOST, closed down its head office after 46 staff tested positive for the virus.

The Ghana Cocoa Board was also hit by COVID-19 infections leading to the closure of its Accra offices temporarily.

Also, the Tema office of the Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo), has been closed after one of its workers tested positive for the virus.

The most extreme incident of workplace infections occurred at a fish-processing factory in Tema, where one worker is believed to have infected 533 people at the facility.

Currently, Ghana has recorded 21,968 novel Coronavirus cases with 129 deaths and 16, 070 recoveries.

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