September 24, 2020

One dies in NPP, NDC clashes in Banda Ahenkro

Violent clashes between supporters of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Banda Ahenkro in the Banda District of the Bono Region last Monday, July 13, resulted in the death of one person with a number of injuries and the destruction of property.

According to sources, the clashes, which began with verbal confrontations last Sunday over the ongoing voters registration, ended in physical confrontations and gunshots.

The deceased, who was said to have been stabbed, died later at the Wenchi Methodist Hospital.

The Regional Police Command would not speak on the incident except to say that they were waiting for a situational report from the Banda District Commander.

MP meets police

At about 3.00 pm, the Member of Parliament for Banda, Mr Ahmed Ibrahim, was seen emerging from the Bono Regional Police Headquarters in Sunyani.

 It was  believed that he held a meeting with the Regional Police Command on the issue.

He would, however not comment but said he was going to discuss the issue with the Bono Regional NDC party executive before talking to the media.

Residents say that security in the district has been beefed up to ensure law and order.


The Banda Constituency is the only seat, out of the 12 constituencies in the Bono Region that is currently occupied by the NDC with the remaining 11 being held by the NPP.

The incumbent MP, Ahmed Ibrahim and the NPP parliamentary candidate, Mr Joe Danquah, are old “political rivals” who contested each other even before the Banda Constituency was carved out of the Tain Constituency.

With both candidates hailing from the Banda District, they renewed their contests when the Banda Constituency was created but the incumbent had continued to maintain the seat.

Source: Politics