September 25, 2020

La Palm Royal Beach Hotel staff protest again over unpaid salaries; want CEO sacked

Some staff of the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel in Accra on Monday, July 3, 2020, demonstrated for the second time in about two weeks over unpaid salaries and other matters.

The angry employees are also demanding the removal of the CEO, Abena Pokua Boaitey Amoah, over her supposed poor leadership.

They are also demanding end-of-Service benefits and Tier 1 and Tier 2 insurance contributions.

The workers say management failed to address their concerns after a meeting last week that compelled them to suspend a sit-down strike.

“Good and competent workers have left this hotel all because of the manager’s poor managing skills. There is no future here for us. If we are able to get her out of her position, then things are definitely going to get better” the workers insisted.

The disgruntled employees had on Monday, July 27, agreed to resume work after protesting against management over poor conditions of service and unpaid salaries.

The workers arrived at the decision after a two-hour long meeting between executives of the Industrial Workers Union of the Trades Union Congress, members of the hotel’s local union and a rep from the Hotel’s management board.

A Deputy General Secretary in charge of Operations at the ICU, Morgan Ayawine, had then assured them that the arrears will be paid soon.

Source: Business