September 24, 2020

Construction Industry Chamber expresses concern over rising cost of building materials

The Ghana Chamber of Construction Industry has expressed concern about the rising cost of building materials particularly cement and its impact on the cost of housing.

The Chamber says considering the country’s huge housing deficit and the rising cost of rent, it is imperative that government takes steps to ensure a reasonable pricing of goods and services in the manufacturing sector.

Chief Executive Officer of the Chamber, Cherry Emmanuel, told Citi Business News government must pay critical attention to the industry and address bottlenecks affecting its growth.

“If you come to the manufacturing sector of the construction industry, you will realize that the cement industry has increased their production capacity and at the same time that is also affecting the price of the commodity in the market. The market price of cement now is almost GHS38.00 and counting. We don’t know what has really informed that particular increase which is affecting construction works in the country.”

“I don’t know what government is doing to fight and regulate that particular sector. Price of iron rods, cement and all others have increased. Government must relook into the construction sector entirely and see how best to make sure goods and services come down in this particular sector” he noted.

The Chamber Industry has asked government to consider them in the plan to build 88 district hospitals across the country.

This follows Government’s promise to construct 100 bed hospitals in 88 districts nationwide during his 2020 Mid-year budget presentation in Parliament.

The Chamber insists that government must honour its pledge as its members have the capacity to execute these projects.


Source: Business