September 23, 2020

They Give Gigs To Their Friends Now – Kuli Roberts laments

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They Give Gigs To Their Friends Now – Kuli Roberts laments

South African media personality, Kuli Roberts, is complaining about how the SA showbiz circle is now filled with favouritism.

Kuli Roberts who has been in the industry for close to 15 years is lamenting that gigs are now given to friends instead of the rightful people who’re qualified for it.

The veteran noted that when they started their career, the industry was dominated by Whites. But now that there’s some level of equity between Blacks and Whites, she expected some level of leverage but rather gigs are shared in a ‘friends and family style’ — leaving some of them out of the picture.

“What has happened is they give gigs to their friends now, and there’s not much we can do about that,” said the actress to TshisaLive.

She told the publication about the hardships she had to go through in order to secure a job, saying she had to work twice as hard despite her 15 years in the industry.

The dog-eat-dog industry, as Kuli describes it, “no longer embraces real” as the previously white-dominated industry now has more blacks however the jobs are given to a select few.

“I was doing me during a very white period, in this country and in the industry and it was fine. But now I’m doing me in this largely black environment and the blacks aren’t having it. I don’t think people give me my due credit, at all. It’s as if I never existed and I never did what I did in this industry” she said.

The outspoken mother works and hustles for her children and the end goal is to leave properties for them and she is set on her mission to do so.

They Give Gigs To Their Friends Now – Kuli Roberts laments
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