September 19, 2020

Rawlings teases release of his memoirs, vows to expose Ahwoi

Former President Jerry John Rawlings has teased the release of his memoirs which he says will reveal secrets about Professor Kwamena Ahwoi.

In a tweet reacting to Mr Ahwoi’s popular book about the working relationship between the two men, Mr Rawlings said the former’s publication was filled with “vicious, manufactured stuff”.

More to follow…

Read his entire post below;

There is nothing ill-timed about Kwamena Ahwoi serving dankwansere soup at this time. He needed to knock down Rawlings to preempt the exposure that Rawlings’s book, “The Triumph Of Evil” promises to reveal about some of them. People like him do not expect the NPP to let go of 2020, so they are hoping to utilize the opportunity of a loss, to damage Rawlings with some vicious, manufactured stuff. Their cunning calculation is that Mahama and his running mate will step aside after 2020 while they consolidate their control over the party and provide their own flag-bearer and running mate for 2024.

Source: Politics