September 20, 2020

NLA, KGL Technology collaboration yields GH¢30 million

The National Lottery Authority (NLA) is set to receive GH¢30 million for licensing KGL Technology Limited for the year 2020.

KGL Technology paid an initial GH¢10 million as part of the licensing requirement to operate the NLA’s online lottery platform.

The company is expected to pay an additional GH¢10 million each in September and December, bringing the total commitment for the licence to GH¢30 million for this year.

KGL Technology, a wholly owned Ghanaian entity, is a newly licensed online lotto marketing company responsible for the running of the NLA’s official short code *959#.


A statement from the NLA said the achievement was the first in the history of the authority.

It said the ability of the NLA and KGL Technology to raise the amount into the Consolidated Fund in this era of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic was a remarkable achievement for both the NLA and KGL Technology.

The *959#, an online lotto marketing platform, has been doing very well, serving as an additional revenue stream that is augmenting the revenue generation capacity of the NLA.

One of the core business mandates of KGL Technology is to advance the digitisation of lottery on behalf of the NLA, in line with the digitisation policy of the government.


“The government of Ghana is committed to a robust digital framework that supports the digitisation of the economy, aimed at benefiting every citizen,” the statement from the NLA said.

The NLA has, since 2008, been trying to digitalise its operations, but to no avail, until the coming on board of KGL Technology.

The statement said the implementation of the digital policy had been very supportive and critical for the continuous survival of the lottery industry, especially in this era of the COVID-19 pandemic.

KGL Technology is also expected to invest hugely in corporate social responsibility (CSR), in line with its mission and vision for the industry.

Source: General News

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