September 18, 2020

2020 Manifesto: NPP to promote football talents in Zongos

The governing New Patriotic Party has revealed that the next term of President Akufo-Addo’s government, should he be retained after the December polls, will implement a special youth programme, the Zongo Youth Football Talent Hunt (ZYFTAH) under the Zongo Development Fund to promote football talents in Zongo communities across the country.

Zongo communities are renowned for football talents, and Zongos have historically produced some of Ghana’s greatest names in football.

With many of such talents going unnoticed and ultimately unutilised, the NPP government has decided to pay special attention to help promote these abundant talents as part of its human resource development in Zongos and inner cities.

Giving a summary of the 2020 NPP Manifesto in Cape Coast, Dr. Bawumia said ZYFTAH will seek to “unearth, develop and promote football talents in Zongo communities through competitions and football clinics in collaboration with local and international partners.”

Indeed the Manifesto captures this initiative boldly under the Zongo Development Fund, and it reiterates the Akufo-Addo government’s commitment to achieve that, by linking ZYFTAH to the number of modern artificial and green turfs it has constructed across Zongo communities in the past three-and-half years.

“Having showed commitment to promoting the development of football in Zongos by building ten (10) astro and green turfs in Zongos across the country, and with the intention to build more, the Zongo Youth Football Talent Hunt (ZYFTAH) will make the construction of these parks and many more to be constructed, more useful and meaningful to the youth in Zongos through competitions and talent-hunt programmes under ZYFTAH,” the 2020 NPP Manifesto explained.

The NPP government, in the past three years, has built, or is building astro turfs in Zongo communities across the country such as Madina, New Fadama, Keybi Zongo, Walewale, Oda Zongo, Bolga and Tafo.

The government has also awarded contracts for the construction of ten more astro and green turfs in Zongo communities.

Source: Politics