September 25, 2020

Small Scale Miners demand more from NPP Manifesto

The Ghana National Association of Small Scale Miners has asked the ruling New Patriotic Party to review its proposed 2020 manifesto to detail its plans for the sector.

According to the association, the party has paid too scanty an attention to the sector and needs to provide a more detailed plan of what it intends to do for players in the sector.

A statement issued by the General Secretary, Godwin Armah said the association hoped the party did not trivialiase issues of the sector given that it contributes no less than 48 percent of all gold mined in the country.

“The Association after carefully reviewing the NPP’s manifesto wishes to indicate that we are extremely shocked that the party would capture the sector in a hurry in its proposed manifesto.

“We are therefore calling on the Party to come out with a document outlining and detailing its intentions for the sector, having since 2017 reformed the sector from its informal nature to a more formalized sector.

“The Association requests of the party, a policy on the sector to know the party’s next steps towards the fight against illegal mining, which war it waged in its first term in office.

“The Association wishes to observe that while it regrets the seeming oversight, we believe it is not too late to revisit the issue and to advertise your intentions for the sector.”

Source: General News

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