September 30, 2020

Abola Piam family inaugurates special council

The Abola Piam Tuunmaa We, one of the royal families in the Ga State, has inaugurated a council to oversee all activities of the family.

The council consists of an Executive Board, Land Committee, Traditional Affairs Committee, Finance Committee, Legal Committee and Women Affairs Committee.

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The 27-member council is chaired by the Chief of Oblieman-Opah and acting Head of Abola Piam We, Nii Ayittey Anumle Oyanka I.

Members of the council include Abdul-Razak Tackie-Oblie, Emmanuel Ayi Kushie Tackie-Oblie, Shadrack Nii Oblie Tackie-Oblie, Samuel Ofoli Tackie-Oblie, Nii Ayikushie Tackie-Oblie, Joseph Adu Tackie-Oblie, Emmanuel Kwei Tackie-Oblie, Jordan Armah, Isaac Mettle-Offei, Grace Klorkor Clottey, and Stephen Arday Tackie-Oblie.

Others are Victor Lantey Lamptey, Emmanuel Nii Tackie-Oblie, Seidu Ayi Armah, Fofo Tackie-Oblie, Odartey Lamptey, Okaitsoo Tackie-Oblie, David Kotei Ashie, Nii Narh Nortey, Nurudeen Nii Ardey Tackie-Oblie, Otokunor Sackey, Nii Djaase Ayikwei, Wisdom Normenyo, Charlotte Quaye, Rebecca Lamptey, Alfred Tackie Moses Okang Okoe, and Nii Okang Osiahene IV.


At the inauguration ceremony at the family house in Accra last Friday, the Secretary of the council, Mr Isaac Mettle Ofei, said the objective of the council was to bring all descendants of Abola Piam together, put mechanisms in place to champion the cause of the royal family, and to collaborate with all sub-chiefs reigning on all lands acquired by Tackie-Oblie in order to ensure that the right procedures were followed in the installation of chiefs.

He said the council would work to ensure that the Nii We — family house — was rebuilt, adding that family houses would also be built on all Tackie Oblie acquired lands.

Mr Ofei added that the council would also work to settle disputes and misunderstandings among relatives, work hand-in-hand with the family head and retrieve all moneys that belonged to the Abola Piam stool.

The Chairman of the council, Nii Oyanka I, commended all those who played a role in the formation of the first ever council for the Abola Piam royal family.


He expressed worry that lack of unity in the Ga State and within the Ga Traditional Area had contributed to the stalled development in many Ga communities.

Nii Oyanka said it was about time chiefs and elders in the Ga State and Ga Traditional Area put an end to the many chieftaincy and land related disputes in order to aid the development of Ga communities.

“After so many years of uncertainty and arguments of who is chief and who is not, who owns land and who does not, we as a royal house have decided that it would be appropriate to form a council and different committees under the said council to oversee the resolution of the issues surrounding Ga-Dangbe traditional areas, especially issues under the Abola Piam royal jurisdiction,” Nii Oyanka I explained.

He said the council would collaborate and work with the Regional House of Chiefs, the Ga Traditional Council, the high and lower courts, the Property Fraud Department of the Ghana Police Service, local police stations which were overloaded with land issues seeming to have no end in Ga-Dangbe traditional areas.

Source: General News

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