October 29, 2020

Chinese women Got Cakes On The Low meaning as said by NBA player Ty Lawson

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Chinese women Got Cakes On The Low meaning as said by NBA player Ty Lawson

Got Cakes On The Low meaning

Former NBA player, Ty Lawson, has been banned for posting on Instagram that Chinese women “Got Cakes On The Low“. Now, a lot of people want to know the meaning of what he said.

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From our findings, the word ‘Cakes‘ refers to the buttocks of a woman. And as you might all know, Chinese women are generally not endowed at the ‘buttocks region’. They’re normally flat on that side as compared to Black women.

So what Ty Lawson meant to say was a lot of people think Chinese women don’t have a big backside but the reality is, they got it on the low.

“Cakes = a$$…Because cake is fluffy and is doughy like…a big a$$ resembles cakes…so basically he is stating that quiet as kept Chinese women have big a$$e$ that many people dont know about.”

So it is because of these that Ty Lawson got banned by the Chinese NBA.

Over the weekend, Lawson took to Instagram to share his opinion about Chinese women. In one post, the baller said he needed to “switch up his stance soon” because Chinese women “got cakes on the low.” In another post, he uploaded a photo of himself getting a lap dance with the caption, “Yolo, I guess lol.”

In response to what the Chinese Basketball Association deemed as forms of discrimination based on race and gender, the Fujian Sturgeons released Lawson from the team immediately, citing his violation of the team’s “social responsibilities and core values.” Shortly after that, the baller was slapped with a lifetime ban by the Association.

Lawson then returned to social media to apologize for his posts and comments.

“People told me not to address this,” he said, “but I got to speak up for myself. I’m the probably least racist person you’ve met in your life.”

“I meant no disrespect…,” he added, “everybody (who) knows me in China knows I’m not that person.”

Lawson had an eight-year career in the NBA before his three-season stint in the CBA.

A lot of people are sharing their opinion on this incident on social media. Many are of the view that we have to be careful what we say especially where we find ourselves.

Because certain things that are tolerated in our country of origin may not be tolerated elsewhere.

“People need to learn that the crap they do in America is not allowed elsewhere and IMO people just needs to do better with disrespecting each other and watch their language too. You know what… how about just become decent humans!”, @Iam_MyraJ wrote on Twitter.

“Chinese men just know how to protect their most valuable asset their women. They’re definitely not going to let black men come to their country and treat their women they way they see black men do black women.”, @Chocolateanime4 also pointed out.

Below are some other comments as spotted on Facebook.

“I understand respecting the culture of other countries. And it’s important to learn before you visit somewhere but come on now”., Ebonie Ingram wrote.

Robert Joyce also feels the Chinese are angry with the fact that another man from a different country is sleeping with their women: “It’s not about them protecting their women it’s about them knowing a black man smashing their women on the low they hate that more than anything trust me I know.”

John Arkers also talked on the diversity of culture: “Its a different culture. It is seen as disrespectful to talk about a woman like that in public. A lot of asian countries are super conservative. Celebrities or public figures are held to a higher standard. Any basketball player in China or Korea posts a picture or video of them with a stripper would be banned just the same. They don’t talk publicly about lewd behavior or the objectifying of women. It is seen as taboo.”

Anthony also said: “The Chinese government release a WHOLE VIRUS on the World 🌎 but get mad about ass on the low 💀💀💀💀😂😂😂

Lynette Davis preached: “If you visit or live in or work for a country; learn their rules- expectations & laws.”

Chinese women Got Cakes On The Low meaning as said by NBA player Ty Lawson
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