January 23, 2021

My ex-girlfriend who left me when I was broke in 2014 now seeking for job in my company 2021

The world indeed is a very small place so it’s always advisable to treat people well at one end because you might end up meeting them at the other end.

Well, a young man has written to relationship counsellor Joro Olumofin concerning an issue which looks like most of these storylines we see in movies.

Apparently, his girlfriend of University days broke up with him in 2014 just because he was broke and not having the means to take good care of her.

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Fast-forward 7years later, this same lady has come to his company to seek for job.

She’s qualified for the job too but the guy is wondering if he should give her the job for fear of familialism and possible temptations.

Read his full message below:

Ex Girlfriend left me in 2014 because I was broke & couldn’t meet her needs….2021 she’s seeking for employment in my company. What do I do.

More shoes to you joro & more money bro. So this is meant to be long but I’ll summarize it because I’m at a fix right now.

So the gist is my ex back then at Uni, she was all I got then and I was all she got too well I suppose so because I was her first boyfriend then (na me dis virgin her).

So we dated for around 3years then, it was fun and sweet I won’t lie, she loved me to her soul.(you know how girls can be with there first love) gave me her all, maybe even loved me more than I did love her then because you know i was really focused more on making money because I had a really huge business idea then + I was in my finals. But in all honesty I did love her so much too.

So everything shattered when her friends started whispering stuffs to her like…”this guy isn’t your class” “stop limiting yourself” “you are too beautiful to be with just 1 guy” “if na me get your beauty ehn” you know stuffs like that.

Well the long story short, she started acting cold towards me so I just had to leave too after several plee to resolve things between us. Never saw her or even heard from her again.

well the last time I heard about her from her elder sis I was told she’s one of the hottest chics in Lekki then traveling to Dubai at ease that was in 2015.

Well TBH i wasn’t surprised because she was beautiful, but I was surprised because  she came from a well groomed family so I didn’t expect her to be influenced by her friends to that extent.

Well long story short. Fast forward to January 2021 i currently own a multimillion Naira company here in Lekki with a staff strength of 100+ with the least earning pegged at #85k Per annum.

And guess who came for an interview this past week? Yeah you guessed right. She was shocked to see me, but I pretended not to know her just for the interview to go smoothly.

She waited for me outside and when I was driving out she knelt to apologize to me, I felt embarrassed so we had to go to an eatery.

While there I learnt one of her friend was used for ritual by a yahoo boy, while the other is currently wombless due to multiple pills and abortion.

She didn’t tell me hers but it was written all over her as she wasn’t at all looking beautiful, her skin tone had faded and she’s even looking somehow.

in short she wasn’t the girl I fell in love with then. The thing now is my HRM says she’s more qualified from all the people we interviewed for that position.

I don’t intend to have anything with her as I’m already engaged to a queen far above her(we met even before I built this company) to be married in April.

And I’m a guy that doesn’t really want to work around familiar persons to avoid favoritism So I want to know should I hire her or just assist her with some money to get her life on track.

Because honestly she looks like life has passed through her and dealt with her back to her senses.

No jokes bro, The thing is If she gets hired her pay would be around #200k+ but I plan to give her like #1.5M instead of the job to get a life for her self because she tried for me then.

What do you guys think???? PS my fiancé thinks I should just help her get another job with my connections instead.

But the Koko be say those my connections are eventually gonna want to take advantage of her Las Las I know them. Please help me ask your followers. I’m sorry for the long write up. Please guys don’t insult me abeg!. 

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