February 26, 2021

You are a girl parasite if you ask your boyfriend to take you out on his birthday – Reno Omokri tells ladies

Reno Omokri has gone hard on ladies who still expect their guys to spoil them on his birthday when it’s the same guy who sponsored her birthday.

Relationships has recently become a burden on most guys due to the demanding nature of ladies whom Reno describe as Parasites

These guys try their possible best to make their girlfriends to enjoy the most out of their birthdays, however, it’s never the same case when it is the guy’s turn.

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Sadly, the same girl his guy organized a party for on her birthday demands for transport fare when of she visits the guy on his birthday. This kind of ladies according to him are not girlfriends.

Dear girl friend,On your birthday, your boyfriend had a party for you. On his birthday, you ask him to take you out. If you visit him, you ask for transport fare. If he visits you, you expect a gift. You are no girlfriend. You’re a girl parasite! He wrote 

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