February 25, 2021

Yogi Preacher says the greatest crime upon humanity is telling people there’s a better place than earth.

An Yogi preacher is of the view that the greatest crime humans commit is by telling other’s there is a better place than where we find ourselves now because it’s not allowing people to live their lives to the fullest.

He stated that humans don’t know where they come from hence one cannot proudly says he or she is from heaven and will go back after earth but if one insists, what’s stopping him from going today since he thinks it’s a better place than here.

Do you know where you come from and where you going, You don’t know so you can’t bulshit yourself l came from heaven and l’m going back to heaven. If you are so sure that you are going to heaven why don’t you go today. If you know you are going to a better place than here, why don’t you go? He asked

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The preacher also argued that we might actually be in heaven now and making a mess out of it.

This is the greatest crime upon humanity, that we told people there is a better place than this. This is a crime. Because this is not allowing humans to live their life to the fullest because they think the real life is elsewhere. Do you have any proof we are not already in heaven and making a mess out of it? He added.

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