March 2, 2021

Six years girl pens heartwarming letter to his Poor Dad after he failed to purchase an ipad he promised her.

A six year old kid has reduced his father to tears with a heartwarming letter after he couldn’t afford an iPad he promised to give her on her birthday.

According to the letter, the little girls dad couldn’t buy the iPad for her daughter due to financial difficulties.

The daughter understood her father’s struggles and prayed for him to get a sustainable job. She finally told the father to sell her chicken and use the money to buy what he promised her instead of killing it.

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Daddy you know today is my birthday, do you know you promised to buy me educational kid tablet iPad when l am six. Am six today. I know you didn’t buy it because you don’t have money.

Don’t worry you hear, God will provide good job and plenty money for you you hear. Don’t kill my chicken, go and sell it and take the money to help me buy my iPad. Daddy l want color pink o l saw it in mummy joy shop. I love you Daddy. The letter read.


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