March 3, 2021

“Your Head Needs Help If You Post Picture of The Food You are About to Eat on Social Media”— Pastor Otabil

Celebrated Ghanaian Preacher, Pastor Isaac Mensah Otabil has said life does not evolves around social media.
In a sermon, the leader of Central Gospel Church, said such attitude only seem to limit the exploration of people to reach for absolute greatness in life.

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In what can simply be described as a way of life for many Ghanaian social media users by constantly displaying food and little luxuries Online, Pastor Otabil said those known for such behaviors have low self capacities.
He edged his congregants to work for bigger things and not just display minute luxuries like sitting in an airplane, eating in a known restaurant etc on social media.

He said in a video “the funny ones are those who sit in an airplane and take selfie of themselves and put it on Facebook.
You sit in an airplane and share pictures? They are not even in business class,
Do you know when airplanes were invented? Huh?- in 1903”, Pastor Otabil said.

The congregation reacted with series of laughter.

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