March 7, 2021

“Dating 1 girl is better than womanising” Tubhani Duncan

Ghanaian music producer, Tubhani Duncan, has shared a useful nugget with his followers this morning via Facebook.

Speaking on the issue of womanising, Tubhani who has produced songs for top musicians in Ghana said he has come to a realisation that dating one girl is cost-effective than going after multiple girls.

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In his analysis, he remarked that a loyal girlfriend would save you more money unlike a random girl who you probably met on social media, and you decided to have fun with her.

He further advised fellow men to repent and save money for useful things instead of wasting it unnecessarily.

Read his full message below:

Transport fare for coming.  100gh
Hotel room                        200gh
Drinks                               50gh
Food                                 80gh
Condom.                           20gh
Bottle water.                      20gh
Thanks for coming.             150gh
TOTAL.                               620gh

This is just to f****k a babe u met online.

Your girlfriend will now come cook, wash, clean, advice you and iron your clothes then you give her 30gh for transport and you think God will forgive u.

Guys please lets repent and fear God🤦🤦✌✌🤛. Ladies, is the volume okay?😎😎😎


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