March 1, 2021

”I Will Campaign Against You If You Dare Appoint Mark Okraku as Deputy Minister for Creative Art”—Shatta Wale To Akufo Addo

Shatta Wale has vowed campaigned against President Akufo Addo or form his own political party to battle ruling NPP if they dare make a move to appoint Mark Okraku Mantey as deputy minister for creative art.

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In a Facebook live video, the angry looking Shatta Movement Boss said Mark Okraku Mantey do not know anything and does not deserve the position been rumored that he was in line for.

Shatta Wale revealed that after years of producing his Album, Mark Okraku Mantey still owes him and that if he’s a man he should deny or point out what he(Okraku Mantey) has done to improve the arts industry in Ghana. He labeled the music producer a failure who should not come near the creative art ministry.
Shatta Wale added that his colleague musicians out of greed and petty coins are in their WhatsApp grounds badmouthing him that he’s against the nomination of Mark Okraku Mantey. He maintained that he’s fighting for their collective good because the actions and inactions of some of his colleagues makes people outside their industry to see them as jokers but they are real serious people.

The “Hajia Bintu” hitmaker said he’s never afraid of anyone and ask people to ask those who do not respect showbiz industry people if people visit Ghana to come and see cocoa or cashew. “If people come to Ghana and say they love Ghana it’s because of the shows they attend and the hotels or tourist sites they visit and that is under tourism and creative art ministry, so people shouldn’t think we don’t know anything in this country” he literally said.

Shatta Wale believes their contribution to the development of Ghana should never in anyway be underrated and has vowed that if his concerns are not adhered to for Mark Okraku Mantey to be approved as deputy minister for Tourism and Creative arts, he will be extremely critical of the government.

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