March 1, 2021

Man discovers hidden cameras fixed in hotel rooms

A man has discovered hidden cameras fixed in hotels rooms to capture the activities of occupants in the various rooms.

The cameras were fixed in the Air conditioners in such a way that customers would not notice.

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The man after discovering the camera in his room moved on to other rooms only to realise that the same recording device was fixed in other rooms.

He complained of the fact that the cameras recorded the nakedness of his uncle and mother who bathed and came out naked.

The occupants of the rooms who discovered 5 cameras in the rooms they lodged in questioned why cameras should be in rooms, thereby denying guests their privacy.

The event took place at a hotel located inside Ogun state, Nigeria.

Check out the video below:

This is very bad, but it is also a reminder that we must be careful at the various hotels we lodge at.

Imagine those who came to make love there and how the cameras obviously captured their activities.

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