March 8, 2021

Afrowired Returns With Their Live Performance Show “SESSNS”

Afro-urban music and culture promotional outfit Afrowired has made a comeback with their flagship show “SESSNS”.

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“SESSNS” is a live performance show which features rising and mainstream artists. The show began in 2020, the visual clarity and audio quality got a lot of people talking about this show. This was shot at Oliver Twist Shack in Accra, Ghana.

Many new artists find it challenging to get their music heard by the right people, most are also battling between how to present their music to the world and how to source funding for their projects. Well, as you go through all the stages of the musical journey, Afrowired has opened its doors for you to always reach out and come show the world what you’ve got.

Live performance videos have become a trend now for many music agencies but what set Afrowired apart from most of these agencies is simply the passion and dedication that surrounds our entire creative process from discovering new music/artists to planning, recording and engineering the final output. Our team is full of passionate musicians just like you and music enthusiasts who care more about what’s real and true.

Mestar Oscar Performs Mehoshi at SESSNS by Afrowired

Mestar Oscar is an Afro-Dance artist and dancer who’s created a massive buzz for himself through releasing infectious dance songs coupled with unambiguous dance moves and beautiful visuals for them.

Mestar Oscar happens to be the first artist to be featured on the all-new Afrowired SESSNS, he performed his newly released hit-record titled “Mehoshi”.

How to get featured on Afrowired SESSNS ?

  1.  Follow our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)</li>
  2. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel (Afrowired)
  3. Email your songs to
  4. Wait for confirmation

The vision for this show is to entertain its audience as it births new talents all the time.

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