February 27, 2021

Let your artiste Stonebwoy hold Dollars like this & let’s see; Shatta Wale tells Ayisha Modi

Shatta Wale has opened some more fire on Stonebwoy and Ayisha Modi.

No one dares cross Shatta Wale’s lane. He has replied to Ayisha Modi and challenged her to let her artiste ‘Stonebwoy’ showcase the Dollars that he have in his house.

Shatta Wale in response to Ayisha referring to him as a broke dude, showed off some surplus Dollars in his mansion.

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He told Ayisha in the process to tell Stonebwoy (her artiste) to do the same if only he is richer than he.

This beef is getting very serious.

Watch the video below:

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Source: Entertainment

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