March 8, 2021

“Prayers doesn’t make you rich if it was so, prayer warriors would have been richer” Prophet Nigel Gaisie

A lot of people believe that when you pray unceasingly, God will bless you with riches.

Well, Prophet Nigel Gaisie has stated that this is not entirely true.

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In an interview on his TV station, he stressed that it’s not prayer that make people rich and that if that was the case, prayer warriors would have been the richest people in the world.

“Prayers doesn’t make you rich… if prayers make people rich, prayer warriors would have been richer. If prayers make people rich, I would have been the richest, wealthiest man on earth because growing up in my life as a young man, prayer was my daily delicacy”, he said.

“But prayer will not make you rich. I hope you get me, there are deeper things to do than prayer. Righteousness does not make you rich, holiness does not make you rich. So there are deeper things”, he added.

Watch the video below:

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