March 2, 2021

Price of the juice that Kwame Despite poured for Sarkodie

A picture popped up on social media yesterday that saw Ghanaian Millionaire, Osei Kwame Despite pouring a fruit juice for rapper Sarkodie.

Social media users in reaction to the photo heaped praises on Despite for his humility. Saying although he’s a millionaire with many ‘servants’, he still serves his guests.

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Others also said because of how King Sark respects himself, he got the opportunity of getting served by a very important person.

One thing we realised was people asking about the name of the drink that was served and its price.

Celebrities Buzz has done a bit of diggings and we found out that the drink’s name is ‘Stute Superior Orange Juice’. And it sells averagely at GHS15 in most Ghanaian super markets.

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In related issues, King Sark surprised Kwame Despite with a performance at his 59th birthday celebration.

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Source: Entertainment

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