March 7, 2021

Dela Wosinu Gadri wins Mrs Top of The World 2020 beauty pageant

Ghana’s Dela Wosinu Gadri was crowned Mrs Top Of The World 2020 on Saturday, February 13.

She becomes the first African woman to win the coveted title.

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Along with the ultimate prize, Dela also won Mrs Style Top Of The World 2020.

The 39-year-old is a proud wife and mother of three.

She hails from Dabala in the Volta Region of Ghana but lives in Rotterdam in the Netherlands where she is the managing proprietor of a high-end hair and beauty salon, Delaganza.

Her outfit is a destination of choice for most top-class celebrities in the Netherlands.

Mrs Top Of The World is an international beauty pageant for ladies from 18 to 45-years-old.

The pageant provides equal opportunities to look the best you can possibly be and focus on doing the best you can do.

In appreciation of the support from all and sundry and cognisant of her roots, Dela used her Instagram page to express her excitement and gratitude.

“I will definitely make good use of this crown to help and empower women and the less privileged in Ghana,” she wrote.

The pageant had its fair share of Covid-19 interruptions which resulted in the original scheduled date of November 2020 being changed to February 2021.

Dela is appreciative to the judges for their accurate weighting of her impressive photoshoots, creative hair artistry and innovative presentation about Ghana.

Dela takes the baton from Fashion Model Aishwarya Gupta, Mrs Top Of The World 2019 from India, fully aware of the enormity of the associated responsibilities.

She congratulated the runners up for Mrs Top Of The World 2020, Golshan Barazesh from Italy and Viryin Colina from Venezuela.

Dela signed for the pageant primarily to carve a platform to become a voice, inspiration and motivation to the less privileged.

She pledges to use this crown to pursue her dream of helping peasant pregnant women and single mothers who hawk on the streets of Ghana. 

Source: Ghana News

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