March 2, 2021

Netizens descend on Sister Derby for siding with LGBTQ community in Ghana!

In the wake of the news that the European Union has funded the construction of an edifice to be used as offices for LGBTQ+Rights Ghana, songstress Sister Deborah has spoken in their favor and is being trolled by netizens.

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The movement at the forefront of championing the rights and freedoms of all Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual (LGBTQIA) persons in Ghana hosted a fundraiser to officially introduce and promote its community space and to open its doors to the Ghanaian LGBT+ community and its allies.

However, it has been met with a general dislike for establishing such movements with offices in Accra as Ghana as a country frowns on such acts by the LGBTQ community and all that they stand for.

This led the renowned singer to be trolled when she took to twitter to state, “Why hate when you can love? Coz y’all homophobes find it easier to hate. Y’all are full of fear of what u do not understand. Fearos”.

Her tweet attracted gross reactions condemning her stance and even reiterating the reason why Medikal broke up with her.

Nevertheless, aside the cruel trolls, there were some very reasonable tweeps who brought her to the understanding that they actually love the souls that make up the LGBTQ community but only frown on the act.

They argued out that where they went wrong was to express their inner turmoil through the abominable state of going contrary to nature’s protocol.

Some even suggested that if they would only lean into the provision made abundant through Christ Jesus and overlook the harsh treatments they might have suffered from self-righteous Christians, they would find a renewed purpose and understanding of why they are as such and for them that would even believe, get healed of their ungodly tendencies and urges.

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