April 18, 2021

Agrihouse Foundation Launches of 4th Edition of AG-STUD

Agrihouse Foundation an agricultural advocacy None Governmental Organization operating in Ghana  has launched the 4th Edition of its annual Agricultural student’s career guidance and mentorship dialogue Bootcamp in Accra.

It is under the theme, “We have Enabled and Established the Agri-youth! Time to Scale-Up them-Up to Feed Ghana.”

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The bootcamp is an Agri-booster and capacity building initiative, strategically designed to empower the Ghanaian youth in a futuristic way that also feed into the country’s agricultural objective of achieving food security, while providing sustainable employment.

Speaking during the launch the Executive Director of Agrihouse Foundation, Ms. Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa, said Covid-19 the pandemic, as grave as it has been, is positively directing Agrihouse toward its greater missions; to grow and build resilience; introduce new interventions and upscale its projects, to complement and align with the needs of all its beneficiaries and stakeholders, including households, farmers, women, beginner agribusinesses and civil society; development partners, the youth, small and large-scale farmers, Technology and financial firms, governments, public and private agribusinesses.

Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa  disclosed that  within  4 years the Agrihouse  Bootcamp has trained and mentored about 600 while  20,000 students benefit  indirectly.

Through the Agstud initiative, business clubs have been set up in  10 institutions where students have come up with agribusiness ideas, grown them and nurtured them into real businesses.

  She noted that About 14 individuals have also nurtured their personal  ideas and are now operating these businesses on their own.

The 5-day event employs mentorship sessions, learning visit to relevant agribusiness institutions and places of interest, seminars, workshops, business tools and professional speakers in a structured setting that includes soft skills training development and capacity building in leadership.

This year, AG-STUD AFRICA is scheduled to start on Monday, April 12 – Friday, April 16, with organizing partners including, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA), and The National Farmers and Fishermen Award Winners Association of Ghana (NFFAWAG)

Enumerating its Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa said the first year  of the Agstud bootcamp, its primary objective was to Grow Futures and empower the youth to appreciate the key role they play in the growth and future of the entire agribusiness sector which has yielded a positive result.

, In the second year base on its theme, Growing futures; led to establishment of the Agri-youth stimulated passion among agri-students, In the 3rd year focused on  theme, “Growing futures, enabling the Agri-youth also led to the  establishment of  business clubs across the 7 agric colleges and farm institutes, built their capacity and provided them with some of the needed resources to boost them to start their agri businesses, which  coaches guided them to develop into plans.

The 4th edition  in the amidst of the Covid-19  pandemic,  the primary objective is to support start-up agribusinesses to survive and sustain, to help  young people in agribusiness to  be more resilient to feed their household, community and the nation.

“This year’s event is going to be more practical as we seek to empower our students, beginner agribusinesses and participants with knowledge in best farming practices, particularly, in line with fertilizer application and appropriate use of inputs, farm management skills, Agribusiness knowledge, industry innovations “ said Alberta Akosa.

In her remarks the guest speaker of the event Dr. Zanator Agyemang Rawlings called on the youths to invest their time in a vigorous   agricultural research .

She said  Research  will inform   what technology is best to apply and at the same time give them the idea  on whether what they want to do  is in line with  climate change.

.” Food security is key and is part of our national securityso if we don’t recognize that then we really have a problem” said Dr Zanator Rawlings.

 Dr Zanator Rawling disclosed her intention to  partner  with Agrihouse Foundation  to work to improve the agricultural sector which she sees as her support for the nation and the employment of the youth.  


Agrihouse Foundation is a non-governmental agricultural capacity building, innovation and project management organization, with a special focus on changing the perception of, and consciously shaping the conversation around agriculture.

In light of this, we undertake a number of agricultural interventional projects and events, all year round, for our farmers, agric students, agribusinesses, households into backyard farming, among others.

Our projects include, Agricultural Students Career Guidance and Mentorship Dialogues Bootcamp (AG- STUD); Livestock Poultry & Fisheries Trade Show (LiPF); Women in Food and Agricultural Leadership Forum (WOFAGRIC) and Gold in the Soil Awards; Annual Pre-Harvest Agribusiness Conference and Exhibitions; The Agrihouse Agri-Woman Market Place; Agri-Watch; 1 household, 1 Garden Initiative (1h,1g)

Source: Ghana News

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