April 17, 2021

How do you read your Bibles? – Kwabena Kwabena asks men of God against LGBTQ+

Singer Kwabena Kwabena has asked men of God who are against the LGBT+ community to read their Bibles carefully.

The singer took to his Instagram page to register his displeasure against members of the clergy who are against same-sex relationships.

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“To the men of God who are spewing hate at our queer brothers and sisters. How do you read your bibles again?

“I’m very saddened especially realising how much hate we have harboured in our hearts. It’s scary,” he wrote on his timeline.

Citing Ephesians chapter 4, the ‘Adult music’ hitmaker noted that he just wants to remind the clergy of their duty as stipulated in the Bible.

Source: Ghana News

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