April 13, 2021

Adwumakase-Bomfa clash: Community disputes police claim of shooting in self-defense

A clash between two communities in the Ashanti region, last Thursday, led to the death of one and the injury of another after a police officer fired live ammunition.

Residents of Adwumakase Kese in the Afigya Kwabre South District are however disputing claims the police officer fired in defence and want a full investigation into the shooting.

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Alexander Owusu, known popularly as K. Owusu was hit by a shot fired by a police officer who had come to the community in the company of two others to make arrests in Adwumakase Kese.

The incident was preceded by disagreement over land boundary with the Bomfa community.

The youth of Adwumakase and Bomfa clashed when the latter attempted to mount a sign post indicating entry to the community.

The police in the company of youth from Bomfa had come to Adwumakase to make arrests through which gunshots ensued.

“This is the spot the man died. The police parked in front of the palace and started shooting. Two people were shot. I then went to him, the policeman with the gun, and held the gun with the muzzle facing downwards,” an eye witness who spoke to Luv News on condition of anonymity.

“Someone hit the policeman from behind and injured him. They shot the people before we attacked them. It wasn’t our decision to attack them I only went to struggle with him to prevent him from killing anymore people,” he added.

Ashanti Region Police PRO, Godwin Ahianyo explains the officer fired the shots in self-defence.

“During the attack, the policeman was hit with a foreign material and fell as a result. He had to resort to the firearm and two persons got injured. This morning our understanding is that one has passed on to eternity.

“The Regional Command has taken up the matter and has referred it to the Regional CID to unravel the circumstances that led to the attacks on the police officers, and the damage on the police vehicle as well as the firing of the shots”.

The deceased, Alexander Owusu was a husband, father of nine and a farmer.

The 51-year-old met his untimely death when he joined his townsfolk in communal labour to build a palace.

The wife of the deceased, Attaa Akomaa, is yet to come to terms with the demise of her husband of sixteen years and is worried about the future of their children.

The youth of Adwumakase Kese blames unseen hands from Bomfa for calling on them resulting in the death of one of their people.

They then marched to the community to burn down a shrine.

The Kontihene of Adwumakase, Nana Yeboah Mensah is unhappy with the action of the youth.

The Manhyia Palace has invited the feuding factions to determine land boundaries of the communities.

The police command continues to put surveillance on the two communities.

Source: Ghana News

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