April 13, 2021

Build organizational culture – HR Consultant advises

Human Resource Consultant, Dr Esi Ansah is urging business managers to deliberately build organizational culture to achieve productivity, since the covid-19 pandemic has changed the dynamics of work.

The advent of the covid-19 pandemic has compelled companies to either downsize or allow their employees to work from home to ensure less physical contact.

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According to Dr. Ansah who is the CEO of Axis Human Capital Limited, an HR firm, technology is not enough to ensure efficiency at home but a well-developed culture is the way to go.

“Business managers must commit to being intentional with regard to how they build organizational culture. If you have people who work in an organization for a while and they understand how things go, even then you need to reorient them to this new way of working from home.”

“So, being intentional means sitting down and looking through how to motivate people to work, to their output and to their deliverables. How do we prepare them? It means that first you need to find your tech tools but once you have that, then it means that you need to build a culture around that, so an agreement on how to use the technology”, she stressed out.

“For instance, when we are on zoom, I need to get people comfortable with contributing,” she said.

Source: Ghana News

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