May 10, 2021

I almost died from Covid-19 – Adaklu MP, Kwame Agbodza shares experience

The Adaklu MP, in the Volta Region, Kwame Agbodza, has disclosed that he almost died after contracting the coronavirus disease.

According to the legislator, he tested positive for the virus a week after the January 7 inauguration of the 8th Parliament.

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He disclosed that in his case, he battled with the virus for about a month and things took a nose dive after the post-Covid complications started. 

Speaking to the media on the sideline of the commissioning of a health facility in Wumenu, he detailed that he never experienced high temperature nor did he cough, but he only felt unwell for a few days after the inauguration.

He added that his health kept deteriorating though he was administered some medication, hence acted on a friend’s advise to take the Covid-19 test.

“We did it, and I tested positive. I decided to go and sleep and report to the hospital the following day. But about 6 pm I could realise my breath was getting short. So they took me straight to the Ghana Infection Centre”, he narrated.

Mr Agbodza explained that he had to be placed on oxygen, amid other medication as the health workers did everything possible to stabilize him.

He was eventually discharged when he tested negative after being admitted for a period of time.

Unfortunately for him, he suffered a post-Covid complication.

“I tested negative so I was discharged, I went home late afternoon. In the night I felt like urinating but couldn’t stand on my legs. Apparently, I had a post-Covid complication which made my legs were numb, I couldn’t move them,” he explained.

Mr Agbodza disclosed that he was paralyzed and could not do anything on his own for about two weeks. He had to be supported by his relatives to do virtually everything.

“It took hard work and very diligent healthcare practitioners to be able to help me with medication and psychotherapy. I only started walking two weeks ago,” he said.

Mr Agbodza, therefore, seized the opportunity to advise his constituents and the citizenry to strictly observe the safety protocols and get vaccinated to safeguard their lives. 

Source: Ghana News

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