April 13, 2021

Parliament’s Volta Caucus condemns ethnocentric publication in history book

The Volta MPs Caucus in Parliament has condemned what it describes as ethnocentric textbooks aimed at “reintroducing a discredited pre-historic mindset of tribal bigotry to the young people of 21st century Ghana.”

This comes after excerpts of books containing offensive description publication about the Ewe ethnic group surfaced on social media.

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In a statement signed by the Chairman of the Volta MPs Caucus, Emmanuel Kwasi Bedzrah said Class 3 “History of Ghana” textbook by Budu Nkansah Publications is part of a calculated attempt by some persons to denigrate, indoctrinate and poison the minds of young people against the Ewe people of Ghana.

“We also find the publication to be part of a grand scheme by certain individuals to deliberately denigrate, vilify, indoctrinate and also poison the minds of young people against the Ewe people of Ghana.

“The publication also feeds into a rather negative narrative by some individuals who have over the years used as their weapon, sophisticated and subtle sociocultural orchestrations to cause hatred, dislike and disaffection against the Ewe people,” he said.

Describing the book’s content as distasteful and most reprehensible, Mr Bedzrah opined that “this is yet another calculated attempt at singling out a particular group of the larger Ghanaian populace for ridicule and derision.”

The Ho West MP further called on National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) to sanction the publishers for the said ‘offensive Ewe’ textbooks.

“We thus call on NaCCA to with immediate effect step in to exact the appropriate sanctions against the publishers.”

The Volta MPs Caucus also said it will as a matter of urgency take steps to ensure attempts of tribal bigotry is sufficiently dealt with.

Source: Ghana News

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