June 14, 2021

DSP Azugu being at post is a dereliction of duty on IGP’s part – Agalga

Former Deputy Interior Minister, James Agalga, says he was shocked when he heard that the infamous DSP Azugu was still at post.

He says the situation raises suspicions of a possible failure on the part of the Inspector General of Police (IGP)to enforce the President’s directive.

DSP Azugu came into the limelight following his involvement in the Ayawaso West-Wuogon bye-election violence.

Reacting to this discovery on JoyNews’ PM Express, James Agalga said the only possible explanation for the non-enforcement of the directive is that there has been a dereliction of duty by the IGP.

“So if you ask me I’ll say without any fear of contradiction that there has been some dereliction of duty on the part of the Inspector General of Police. Please, this is a matter that we would want to look into as the members of the Select Committee for the Defense and Interior.

“We want to know whether the Inspector General of Police first of all was given instructions to first of all, adhere to the recommendations of the Emil Short Commission of inquiry.

“And if it turns out that the IGP never received those instructions which were made public any way, but I believe for purposes of implementation, the ministers with oversight responsibility over the police will definitely have taken the first step to enable the IGP to act.

“If it turns out that the IGP himself did not receive those clear instructions, then we would want to deal with the matter at the level of ministerial responsibility,” he said.

He was the leader of the SWAT team that had unleashed havoc at the electoral station in Ayawaso which culminated into several voters being injured and the infamous slap of Sam George.

The Emil Short Commission, which had been established to investigate the occurrence, recommended that the entire SWAT team at the National Security Council Secretariat be disbanded and DSP Agalga reassigned, which the President had agreed to do.

However, after the assault of Citi FM’s Caleb Kudah and the subsequent raid of Citi FM/TV, it was discovered that DSP Azugu was still at post and the SWAT team, still functional.

Source: Ghana News

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